Thursday, 26 February 2009

I Won't Lie To My Son

Mothers should not lie to their sons. Because you then give them an overinflated sense of self!

I got pregnant and my ex said i was trying to trap him.

Abeg, judge oh...

He lives with his parents and is currently between jobs.
I work in a bank, live on my own, and my ex before him is a doctor who got an offer to work in Saudi. That was why we broke up, but we are back again in any case!

I just hope he does not start bugging me when the baby comes, or, God forbid, the baby, when he has become a success at whatever he does in future!


  1. You talk like you know me, like you know my story. You write like someone opened the pages of my life and showed you line by line ... me

  2. Wow...he who is not yet on his feet would accuse someone doing well of trying to trap him...strange world we live in..

  3. I guess you want to go and live with him in his mother's house and get your hands on all that money he's making between job, huh?

    LOL. What an ass!

  4. he's infantile. a grown ass man would accept the responsibility

  5. guys jst suck!!!!!!!!!!blieve me

  6. better dignifying policy.