Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I'm with another. And yet you remain in my thoughts.
I'm with another. And yet it is you who i want to call when i pick up the phone.
I'm with another. And yet it is your face i look for in the crowd.
I'm with another. And so are you.

Friday, 25 September 2009


All my friends said you are not good for me, they said it's for the best.
So why do i keep on coming back to you ?
Sneaking and gaming
Lies and half-truths
Maybe you did not break my heart enough the first time
Maybe you need to smash it before i accept you are toxic
How did a fling turn into a major love affair ?
God ! i just want to get over you.


Our Place !
Our Song !
Our Dance !
Can't believe you took the woman you left me for to our favourite restaurant,
listening to our favourite song and dancing with her the way you danced with me.
Snap ! leap of joy ! you're missing me !
You wish your new chick is me !