Friday, 27 November 2009


So we're talking again
We're laughing like before
So much to talk about, so much to say
Again you're on my mind, and it seems I'm on yours
And here we are, holding hands
We inch in closer and closer to each other
We kiss. Lightly. Then deeper. And deeper
Those old feelings. The longing. They all come rushing back
Your body feels as wonderful as it used to
Touching you. Making you make those sounds
You making me make those sounds
Oh yeah! the passion is still there
We fall asleep in each others' arms
Wake to start all over again.
In the morning we both wake smiling, still cuddling
We get up and go make breakfast. Still talking. Still laughing.
I go to take a shower. You join me :)
I leave you smiling.
How could I not after that wonderful kiss goodbye

I get home. But the feeling doesnt last
We've been here before, and I know how this goes
I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy this
But I know its just a show and the real you is waiting
So what do I do? Whats my next step?
Do I end this now? Or enjoy every single moment?
Oh fuck it!
Make up sex is the shit anyway.......

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Dial My Number

I wish you would call.
I know I said I never wanted to see you again.
I know I deliberately cut you out my life
But I wish you would miss me
I wish you would damn the consequences and call me
I wish I were on your mind as you so obviously are on mine
Yeah yeah I know I said I wanted you gone
I still do, but I wish you'd try to change my mind
I want you, want you really bad
Want you out of my head, but here with me
Want to hear your voice and see your face
I really really wish you would call

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pity Party

I dumped you, so you called all your guys
showed them all my love notes and letters
Big pity party !
How about if i call my girls
And tell them about your understanding of kissing
Did i say kissing ? more like face rape !
With you the tongue is a weapon of mass destruction !
The way you think the breast is a mountain you have to climb
The way you think the g spot is an holy grail you can never find !
Dude , lots of guys find it !
It's just 2 inches from where you think it is !
How you turned Marathons into sprint
Am lucky if i get 2 minutes
I deserve an Oscar for my moans !
And you wonder why i dumped you !
I should call my girls
Time for a big pity party !

Thursday, 12 November 2009

So you dumped me for a super sized me?
I mean come on!