Thursday, 26 February 2009

My Guy

Love is a game, and the winner is determined by who breaks up first.
Yes oh, and don’t get it twisted. It is not neccessarily the person who said the words first that broke up first oh! Like in my case. I said the words. But he meant them. Infact, the game was well played; you should have seen how well he played his cards and boxed me in a corner, till i gave in and said them! And then, even after that, he gave a stellar performance (oscar deserving). He convinced me that i had blindsided him and he did not see it coming. Then he convinced my friends that he still felt the same and we would get back together. Then he came over and dealt things the final blow.

And still, he would look me in the eye and tell me he never meant to hurt me; even when he was hurting me.
My guy, ure either very clueless, or very callous.


  1. Definately not clueless cos he knew where he wnted u to go all calous it is

  2. Ooh. Life through a cracked mirror encrusted with dead flies in a dark room, the air scented with spent alcohol and stimulants. Pain can be a high, at times. Been there!

  3. Callous, it is. I know guys like him very well.

  4. thank God you are not with him
    and don't even think of going back
    i always like sincerity up front
    and no lies...

    what can we say?
    we can't speak for others.

  5. "...I said the words. But he meant them." Hmmm, but, is 'love' truly a game?
    Thot, 'love' is the outcome of a (conscious) descision to enter a relationship?