Sunday, 18 October 2009

ON THE 7TH DAY ...........

Met boy on the first day
Kissed on the second day
Went third base on the third day
Met his friends on the fourth day
Said i love you on the fifth day
Went all the way on the sixth day
Got dumped on the seventh day !

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


So i dumped you
Big deal !
Get a life
And stop driving in front of my house every day with your new tacky girlfriend !

Monday, 5 October 2009


So you think it is over,thinking we should say goodbye ? am standing here, staring at you.
watching your mouth move without hearing your voice.
'Cause my heart already told me what you are trying to say. not leaving
Not ready to move on
See,my heart is still in your hands
So am not going.
Am going to wear my hair the way you like it
Am going back to dressing the way you love.
Cause i know you think i have changed, but you have changed too.
We both started changing,when we stopped talking
Then we started taking each other for granted.
When you stop loving someone where does the love go?
I still want to walk the path of love with you.
So,am not going to leave
How can i let go of that smile
Your warm breath on my neck
Your middle finger tracing my lips
The way you laugh without care
Oh, the way your eyes lights up when you smile
Your silence when you are angry
See, i can't let you go
We are both walking the path, we don't understand
Let us move away from the side road
And find heaven again
I need you to fall back in love with me
Plan your life around me again
I want to see the passion in your eyes again
Watch you laugh with your eyes when you see me
I want to feel your heart beat faster when you hold me
Hear you say you love me again
Hold me tight and let not let me go

Not Mr Right 2

Everything that's been done points to the fact that you're a user. Everything that's been suggests that you're a pig. And yet i foolishly believed. That somewhere, somehow you are true. Unfortunately, as had happened before you were an ass. Made a complete fool of me and then ask "what?". I slink home with my head down wondering how it was i got into this same mess again.

Why do i always do this? Do i enjoy the toture? Revel in the pain? Adore the absolute humiliation of it all? I dont know. I want to though. Want to understand what hold it is i have allowed you to have over me? I gotta get through this. Need to break free. Walk away. Head high


He wants love
She is sooo in lust
He wrote poems
She sends naughty texts
He wants to gaze into her eyes
She wants him to penetrate her
While love grows
Lust fire died
He said she is a bitch , she broke his heart
She said he is a stud, the best she ever had !

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Don't get it twisted
This was not meant to last
You got yours , i got mine
You want love , i want lust
Walking away is the only option


I still have your picture as my screen saver
Our music is still my ring tone
Your picture is still on my bedside
No ! am over you
I just want a reminder
Never to date a man like you again !