Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Im still crying.
Look at me, im crying now.
Cos i spoke with his friend.
My friend.
A Mutual friend.

You know what ticks me off?
Everyone takes sides.
Even when they say they don't. Cos it's human.
You either believe the one you like more, or the one who brings more into your life.
So our mutual friends? They have all taken sides. And i hate that they don't even bother to HEAR both sides!
I don't care if you ask him what happened! ASK HIM!
I want him to tell you. But why can't you bloody ask me as well instead of working on the information you have
Cos there's always three sides to a story mehn
My side
His side
And the truth!

That's how it works. COs everytime a story is told, it is given a twist to suit the narrator!

How can two months ruin so much?
Friends have to take sides
People i respect won't even say hi (and i don't even want to say hi to them)
Personally, i learnt a lot more than i would have loved to!
It is like my 2007 does not matter any longer!
It does not matter that i threw a fashion show and created awareness for sickle-cell
It does not matter that i worked on AMBO and the APPRENTICE, and MTN GAMESHOW
It does not matter that i wrote and blogged and recorded, and was alive.
ALL that matters are those two months where i allowed myself to fall again!

I was done with love oh. I has wisened up and knew what to do.
But i believed him, for reasons best known to both of us, or maybe just to me. Believed him completely!
And now, it's over cos we both couldn't make it work. But it had to go and get complicated

Now, he even gets to hit on my friends and laugh with them.

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