Monday, 2 March 2009

The First Fight

They say the first fight can make or break a relationship
At the least, it can determine how other fights will go.
They also say a man will treat you like he treats his mother
But that is another post entirely!

Our first fight began as my fault; i was testing to see how far i could take my sulking. Not far it seemed.
But his reaction?
Scared me to no end!
No, Tomiwa was NEVER physically abusive. I doubt he would ever have been, even if we got married and had mini-TomTos babies! But emotionally?
Tomiwa was the King of the Freeze Out!

When you upset him, you became non-existent. And for me, whose world centred on being happy and calm?
It killed me!
Plus, to make it worse, he didn't come for my first exhibition in a long while. Even though he had been there through every worry and every practise!
He just didn't come!

I should have known there that it wouldn't work. That's now how i fight. And that style would have killed me...

Oh wait
It sort of did
When we did break up

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  1. ...and a much better way to 'fight'? Let's talk.