Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Call a Dog a Bad Name to Hang It

I don't know if i was truly thinking forever. It was a nice comfortable relationship. We spoke daily, had a few laughs, saw a movie or two, and made out a lot.
Maybe i saw myself being comfortable with that, inspite of the things that worried me. But it was a relationship, and i was enjoying it. Till we started getting to the period when it all crumbled. I could feel it i guess; the pulling away. And maybe i should have acted first or faster. But i didn't.
But here is the thing.

Why give a dog a bad name so you can hang it?

You wanted to break up with me. You were done and ready to quit. It might have been better to try to work it out, but babes, we were not married and i could not hold you down. So why didn't you just break up with me?
Why did you choose to play mind games instead? Staying away, Making me think i was paranoid, Not taking my calls... Being a jerk!
Then you have the audacity to say you didn't like my friends, my taste in music, nor anything about me?
You said you saw traits in me that worried you? That i reminded you of your exes?
You even started getting me to believe i was mad, bad and sad.

Dude, if you wanted out, why didn't you just say so?


  1. guys can be mean like dat somtimes....dnt they realise they they save both parties d stress!

  2. not sometimes; guys are just plain pigs period

  3. *hiss*. like bumight says, 90% of guys need a new brain. so do you blame him? obviously he has the brain of a dog.

  4. Incoherent, surely there are exceptions to the rule? I agree his behavior doesn't reveal a great mind or personality but "guys are just plain pigs" is a bit of a stretch.
    & Bibi, again I agree the conduct does remind one of a less than intelligent canine but ur stats are at best dodgy.

  5. dts was mean of him.d xcuses were as flimsy as anythin i cud think of!bt den i blieve dere is someone special 4 everyone.smtimes i jst wish relationship doesnt exist,it definitely sucks!

  6. "...started getting me to believe i was mad..." and now the 'bad' episode is over, you got your groove back. Label him (& his era) an experience.