Tuesday, 17 March 2009

That Day

Friday night. Was at the club with friends, talking, laughing it up. Getting our weekend off to a good start. Griping about the stress of the week past and looking forward to the 2 day break from the daily grind.

Then I heard her. I'd made a joke fully expecting it to fully expecting it to fall flat.....not everyone gets my jokes :( ......but someone laughed. I turned around to see who my new best friend was and saw her. I smiled. Said something that must have been just as witty because she laughed again. .....and then she replied with a witty quip of her own. From that moment on, I was gone. We talked and laughed the rest of the night. We ditched our friends and went clubbing together. Found out she was an awesome dancer. I took her back to her place in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Drove home with a huge stupid grin on my face, wondering if she would think I was a stalker if I called her back now......

It took me almost a year of toasting, psyching, begging, sitting downstairs in the car waiting for her friends to finish analyzing me so we could go out, frequent visits to Chocolat Royale, Silverbird. Yes, it was hard but nothing good comes easy right? So she finally agreed. And it was bliss. Utter bliss. The best years of my life. Until I caught her that is......


  1. lol
    what happened?
    if you can work it out, do
    if you can't, forget about it

    Nice writing! you must still be in a grind about it, take it from me, it'll pass.

  2. ....it does happens at times.