Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Moving On

Do they talk about me? Does he tell her about me? Does she even want to know?
And when they kiss, does she kiss like me? Or better?
Will he make her happy? Will she make him happier than i made him?
Is she better than me?

Does he think about me?
Does he still hate me?
Does he miss me?
Does he wonder if i miss him, hate him, love him, miss him?


  1. awwww, don't worry. it's perfectly normal to wonder about someone you love or used to love. sometimes we never get to know the answer to those many questions though..

  2. Yesterday, I was wondering..."does he still love me?"....

    I went into a shop we used to go together...I did not feel anything. I just bought what I wanted to and went out.

    Then, hours later, as I did the dishes, I felt tears running down my cheeks and into the sink...

    and I wondered...does he still love me?

    Moving on SUCKS!!!

  3. what is the use of him still loving you?
    it'll just cause more complications and make it difficult to move on.

    who am i kidding?
    i wondered about my ex for 1 year. he still loves me. he loves me not.

    better when u move on first sha