Monday, 4 January 2010

cant believe it

Can't believe it!
We have barely broken up, and now you are out.
But not on your own or with a group of friends... No o!
That wd be too simple, and we do complex right?!

No! U are out with HER!
I knew it!
I told u!
And u kept denying cos you are just clueless liar mehn!
If you don't think her cleavage is cool and her voice is sexy, then why are you here with her begging to explain cos you have been caught out there?

Uncle, according to u, I am stupid, I don't think, I am angry and have commitment issues

Ure the saint I gather
But pls be careful with her heart! Cos u sure didn't care abt mine!


  1. Awww, this is concern for the new girl right? Never thought i'll see the day this happens. Sweet. Na thunder go fire that boy if him f**k up sha. Better thunder!

  2. Like SK, you really care what happens to her heart? Maybe she's a sister or a friend.