Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pity Party

I dumped you, so you called all your guys
showed them all my love notes and letters
Big pity party !
How about if i call my girls
And tell them about your understanding of kissing
Did i say kissing ? more like face rape !
With you the tongue is a weapon of mass destruction !
The way you think the breast is a mountain you have to climb
The way you think the g spot is an holy grail you can never find !
Dude , lots of guys find it !
It's just 2 inches from where you think it is !
How you turned Marathons into sprint
Am lucky if i get 2 minutes
I deserve an Oscar for my moans !
And you wonder why i dumped you !
I should call my girls
Time for a big pity party !


  1. u don't need to call 'em gurls. u have bared it all. CHRIST JESUS......... AN OSCAR FOR UR MOANS????????.LOL

  2. Fragile, you just hit the nail on the head LOL. This is hilarious...