Saturday, 8 August 2009

what are we doing? where are we going?

Should you ever ask a guy where you are headed? Is it ever appropriate?
Cos there is a school of thought that says, if you have to ask, the answer is the negative.
Then there are those who think you should know cos being in a relationship is an investment.

There is something about asking that makes you seem desperate.


  1. "ask and ye shall receive", it's Biblical and you will be the wiser for it (and perhaps happier)

    best wishes to you

  2. Me thinks one should ask, saves me from prolonged drama. The earlier the better.

  3. ...a journey without a (clear) destination, why indulge in it?

  4. I don't agree, that asking makes you seem desperate.

    Some people can afford to have their time wasted, I don't, and believe me I am not a robot in relationships, I just believe in being smart.

    Usually, if you have to ask, something's wrong. If you ask it's sort of a warning before you make your exit, it's their last chance to save the relationship.
    If a relationship is going steady and both people involved are reassured then no one needs to ask, but if my boyfriend asked me where we were going, I could tell you that I would have an answer in mind.

    If someone hasn't thought about that, it's a little concerning to me.

  5. sure, if u have to ask questions there are sure tell tale signs that all are not well. God be with us oh in all this. Even with impending heartbrreaks , God give us the serenity to handle it oh.

  6. what is wrong with asking...
    yeah it shows desperation...
    who says that's not right...
    especially if you have no time to waste...
    but ask wisely...

  7. definition is critical - and the refusal to commit is often proof that there was nothing to commit to.