Monday, 15 June 2009


They call it falling in love
Cos you always get hurt

Its hard to be rational
When you heart is hurting
Sometimes it feels physical
And burns through your soul

Some lie in bed
Others have to react
Some keep talking
Others just stay walking

It is a stand you both take
And one way or the other
Someones going to have to blink

You snooze
You lose

Look who's crying now


  1. Deep post!
    L.O.V.E, what it means to me?

    IT too shall pass, gradually but it will... the anguish the grief, the pain!

  2. Rational? "It is in the meaningless equations of love that true reason is found"

    I know, love can be a bummer. . .

  3. I like the short and sweet.

    I don't want to fall in love anymore, I want to take control, the steering wheel to my life in fact, and take myself wherever I want to go. I don't want to get up and say "ouch". "It's happened again." I want to be strong enough to choose, decide to give my heart to something, but hey.. things don't always happen the way we plan.

  4. "...You snooze
    You lose..."
    so, would you rather 'snooze' not?